Shut the Club Down


Shut the Club Down is the hit single off West Coast recording artist Brotha Blakk’s recent mixtape release “2 Hell and Back Again”.



About this single

The cut features Brotha Blakk’s Signature Diversified ENT label mate Tipsy Loc. The track was produced by Los Angeles’s own Nine Diamond. Nine Diamond produced one of the hottest club bangers out. The swagged out hook meshes well with rapid spit delivery over tight choppy drums and percussion. Fans just can’t get enough of the song because the track has been labeled the new turn up song of the summer.

Everyone kept asking the artist when he was going to drop a club anthem that they could turn up to in the club; Shut the Club Down was his emphatic reply. The track goes hard from the gate. Fans already know that when Brotha Blakk and Tipsy Loc collab on a beat the result is usually fire. Sitting in the studio one night after a show, shuffling through beats he came across the track for shut the club down. Instantly the track reminded both artists of a typical night turnt up in the club.

The reason the track has been so well received is because everyone can relate to the content of the song. Whether you are out with your girls or hanging with the fellas your main objective is to shut the club down. If it’s your birthday and you are out celebrating, then you are trying to shut the club down. Basically any cause for celebration calls for shutting the club down.
Many people wanted to know the inspiration behind the song but Brotha Blakk states “the song is based on any typical night out for him and his Signature Diversified ENT family.” Whether it was a club appearance or an actual show, leaving an impression was the main objective. He and the rest of his Signature soldiers dubbed these performances as shutting the club down.





1. Shut the Club Down (Ft Tipsy Loc of Royal Family) [Explicit]


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