No if, ands, or Butts and More Butts

No if, ands, or Butts and More Butts

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September 25, 2014
By Brotha Blakk

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No If ands or Butts-9No if ands or butts and more butts about it, looking at the female ass from a rear view perspective. The reality of big butts, a bomb booty and an amazing ass at first glance.

No if, ands, or Butts and More Butts – Assology

No If ands or Butts-8The scenery has changed for the better over the years but can we really trust our eyes with the rising popularity of plastic surgery. There use to be a day when you would see a bad bitch with ass and you knew what you were getting into. But as of lately not so fast my friend, we are being deceived right before our eyes and most of us don’t care.

If a female wants to get breast implants more power to you boo boo, I can accept that. I will support it and partake in the enjoyment of your purchase. I seen something that really messed me up, I saw a lady that has ass implants and it made me throw up a little in my mouth. You were either blessed with ass or you were not,

No if, ands, or Butts and More Butts – It’s Not Your Beauty It’s Yo Booty

No If ands or Butts-6It’s not your beauty it’s yo booty that initially attracted me to you. I am sorry mommy but the ass is sacred to a black man, so when you tamper with perfection you are lying directly to my face. I know it’s every woman’s dream to have that big round Coco Austin shaped ass. Hell to be honest that’s my dream for all women as well. I notice a woman’s ass way before I even see what else she is working with. It’s like my eyes are magnetized to a woman’s ass.

No if, ands, or Butts and More Butts – Assoholic

No If ands or Butts-2

Assoholic is a affliction that most of us struggle with daily. There is no cure for this disease there is only coping mechanisms that reduce the urges. An Assoholic will completely phase out whatever he is doing to look at a woman with a nice ass. At times this can be reckless and even dangerous while driving. The best way to deal with assoholism, is to find you a woman with more ass than the law allows to keep you content.

There is nothing more beautiful that a gorgeous woman with a banging body to make a playa turn his head when she walks past. There are levels to the way you look back so don’t make it a disrespectful stare but a subtle glance. She will appreciate the compliment and not think that you are some perv sizing her up. It’s not your beauty it’s yo booty but the total package is just a bonus.

No if, ands, or Butts and More Butts – Looks Can Be Deceiving

No If ands or ButtsLooks can be deceiving so be careful who’s g-string, you are stuffing your dollar bills in. When I fall into the strip club, I can’t help but notice chicks that I recognize with way more ass than I recall them having the last time I was in the building. Yeah ma I see you twerking but that’s not your real ass, so this money won’t be yours either. I respect your hustle but just be real with yourself and the money will come.

Yeah I love a woman with big titties, cute face, big ass and a itty bitty waist but that’s not all we look for boo. I like to keep everything 100, so that’s how I like my women. I guess this is my public service announcement for the day. is where you need to visit for more insight into the mind of Brotha Blakk. If you don’t like my opinion, well fuck it because I’m off that Hennessy ha ha! And there’s No if, ands, or Butts about it.

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