Coming Soon… Signature Diversified ENT Presents Tipsy Loc Mix Dranks Mixtape Vol. 1

Coming Soon… Signature Diversified ENT Presents Tipsy Loc Mix Dranks Mixtape Vol. 1

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March 31, 2014
By Brotha Blakk

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Another Signature Diversified ENT Classic

I know that you all have been waiting on a new Signature Diversified ENT release and the wait is almost over. Tipsy Loc has delivered one of the hottest mixtapes I have heard in a long time. Tipsy brings a passion to the music that many artists lack in today’s music industry. The intensity comes through in every line, leaving little doubt that the artist puts his heart into his music. Tipsy Loc takes the listener on a musical journey from the very first song, all the way to the very last. He leaves no stone unturned on this mixtape.

Tipsy Loc one half of the group Tha Royal Family

1362192239_ROYALFAM645The Mix Dranks Mixtape vol. 1 is the ground breaking solo debut of Signature Diversified ENT recording artist Tipsy Loc, best known for his role in the rap duo Tha Royal Family. This release displays a generous 17 song track list. Tipsy strives to deliver plenty of feel good music for his fans. There is something on this mixtape for every music enthusiast. Throughout this entire mixtape the artist’s versatility is apparent.  It becomes evident after listening to his music, that Tipsy Loc can easily be classified in multiple music genres. With hard hitting songs such as” Official” and uplifting club bangers like” I’m gone” to melodic harmonistic tracks like “Life is but a Dream” and” Smoke a Lil Reefer” and much more. Not to mention this is the first installment of the Mix Dranks Trilogy. Vol. 2 will be titled “The Hangover”, followed by vol.3 “Rehab”.  Fans will be thoroughly impressed by the Mix Dranks Mixtape Vol.  1. This is one quality offering from Tipsy Loc. The mixtape will be available for free download, compliments of Signature Diversified ENT.

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