Arizona Balling Out of Control

Arizona Balling Out of Control

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May 26, 2014
By Brotha Blakk

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Arizona Love

This has been a great year for Arizona sports teams and for those of you that do not know, I rep my city hard. My state as of late is balling out of control and I am here to give the fans their Arizona sports fix.  The Arizona Cardinals just completed a 10 win season and came within one game of making the playoffs. patrick_petersonThe Arizona Diamondbacks seem to consistently hover around a 50% win loss total the last couple of years. This year they look like they will be one of the worst teams in the league, poor pitching will do that to any team. The Arizona State Sun Devils are finally ascending back to their past days of promise and excellence. Dr. Michael Crow and Todd Graham seem to have the program back on track.


The Phoenix Coyotes finally have a new owner that seems to be dedicated to the success of hockey in Arizona. Although they feel a little short in their late playoff push the Coyotes will need to make some wholesale changes in order to get back to the Western conference finals. Next season the Phoenix Coyotes will be referred to as the Arizona Coyotes, so hopefully the desert dogs get back to their willing ways. The Phoenix Mercury were heavily favored to win another WNBA championship with the addition of high flying center 6′ 8″ Brittney Griner. That did not come to fruition but the valley was treated to an above the rim brand of women’s basketball.Sparky


Balling Out of Control

The One team in Arizona that had little or no expectations going into this year were the Phoenix Suns. The Suns are the valleys original pro sports franchise but seemed to be in turmoil and disarray the past few seasons. There seemed to be little to no apparent plan or vision for the future of the franchise. Fans were frustrated and were praying for Jerry Colangelo to scrape enough money to make this franchise respectable once again. Robert Sarver had made this organization the laughing stock of the entire NBA. The basketball gods must have been smiling down on the valley because Sarver finally faded into the background and let basketball minds make basketball decisions.


DragicThe right GM and the right pieces on a roster that needed youth, netted the Suns multiple first round draft picks. Ryan McDonough has taken aging players and turned them into talented youngsters with limitless potential. I was on the picket lines praying for a 15 to 20 win season for one of the top 3 phenoms in next year’s draft but I was wrong. The ride the team took fans on was priceless and with McDonough making the decisions, I believe this team will only get better. The team has 3 potential first round draft picks and I am excited about the GM’s ability to recognize and assess talent. The team came within 1 game of making the playoffs and with a 48-34 record. Although Jeff Hornacek did not win NBA Coach of the Year honors, I cannot argue with Greg Popovich winning the award. The future is bright for Arizona sports and the state is balling out of control. AZ support your own and recognize this is only the beginning of something great.

Be a part of it because the ride will be wild. I’ll get at ya’ll next time, I’m out…


Brotha Blakk

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