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100Mac Jr

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Mac Jr born in Houston,Texas. Residing in Phoenix, Arizona where I produce music, engineer live sound, camera operator (ARIZONA CARDINALS / PHOENIX CYOTES) and edit video professionally. I’v been producing music for 8 years; rapping, singing, writing, programming and networking with groups such as DALE RAMBO RAMSEY @WWW.RAMTRAX.COM, Poka Face (power 98.3FM), Bookie Loc. (Slave Ent), DJ Darryl D (power 98.3FM), LIL Problems, (Slave Ent) Mike Wyle, and Angelo of The Enterprize band. Music has always been in my family. I had my first drum set at the age of 4 then moved on to play all instruments. The lyrical content of my songs are based on phony people (busters) thriving on negative energy, at the same time delivering a positive message to those that let negative energy get them down.(hustlerisum wit a gangsta twist) I create all styles of music.

All of my work consists of original music (no sampled loops) performed, recorded, Mixed, arranged, composed & produced by MacJr. with influences from Cameo, Ice Cube, Prince Con-Funksion, Dr.Dre, Rick James, Stevie Wonder, Parliament Funkadelick, Dj Quik, Snoop Dogg the Bar Kays, & Grand Master Flash. My immediate goal is to land a production deal with a major label then begin upgrading my Audio/Video production company, and incorporate that with my robotics hobby. Currently, I’m in the process of releasing my 2nd solo album, 6th album total, with albums I produced, wrote, composed, recorded, and engineered at many production facilities with local and national artist all under the MacAlot Production.


1. Intro 0:35 [Explicit]
2. Up 4:13 [Explicit]
3. Getcha Boogie On 3:26 [Explicit]
4. Ballaz (Ft. MC Magic, Deville (Dem Rascalz) & Kay B.) 3:43 [Explicit]
5. Big Pimpinn 3:37 [Explicit]
6. Walk Da Walk comm 0:23 [Explicit]
7. Walk Da Walk (Ft. FaSho Boy) 4:24 [Explicit]
8. Gettin Payed (Ft. El Debarge Jr) 4:06 [Explicit]
9. Livinn Like Kings 4:48 [Explicit]
10. My City (Ft. Hazy Haze & Kay B) 4:12 [Explicit]
11. Strictly Business (Ft. L-Mac & Tipsy Loc (Royal Family) 4:49 [Explicit]
12. True Till Death (Ft. Tru Breed, Brotha Blakk & Buggsy Red) 4:08 [Explicit]
13. Hard Rhymes (Ft. PornoGrafick & Tru Breed) 5:38 [Explicit]
14. Freestylen (Ft. Brotha Blakk & S.I.C.) 4:47 [Explicit]
15. I Love This Money (Ft. El Debarge Jr) 4:18 [Explicit]
16. She Likes Me (Ft. Willie Northpole) 3:03 [Explicit]
17. Feel Like I’m in Love (Ft. Mis Veen) 3:45 [Explicit]
18. No Games (Ft. Layzie Bone, Eve, Hazy Haze) 3:42 [Explicit]
19. Y Do U Want Me (ft. Brotha Blakk & Buggsy Red) [Explicit]
20. I’m Still Here 5:47 [Explicit]


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Mac Jr. - 100