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About Brotha Blakk

About Brotha BlakkBrotha Blakk is a versatile West Coast rap artist, born Lewis Tyrone Mapp Jr. in West Helena, Arkansas. If you have never heard his music before, be prepared to get reacquainted with everything that made music intoxicating throughout the mid 90’s. Blakk seems to recapture the magic of that West Coast sound that dominated the early 2000’s. His sound can range from a laidback calm –before- the-storm, to an all out assault of musical mayhem over synthesized baselines, tight percussion, melodic strings and captivating horns. Through pinpoint delivery, Blakk takes the listener on a journey through his mind, painting vivid lyrical pictures of his life. His digital diary of drama, pain and triumphs are as revealing as they are inviting. This musical visionary displays an uncanny ability to mesh gangster rap with funk, soul and R&B without even skipping a beat.

Growing up Blakk was a student of good music and the entire culture that accompanied it. His weekends and summers were spent engulfed with the sights and sounds of Rhythm and Blues performed by legends such as B.B King, Johnny Taylor, Betty Wright and Al Green to name a few. In the nearby city of Memphis Tennessee is where Blakk was first drawn to music. He would walk up and down Beale Street for hours captivated by the good and the bad that the city of Memphis’ nightlife had to offer. After living in Memphis for 3 years his mother eventually moved him to Arizona when he was just 12 years old.

His family moved to the EAST SIDE of Casa Grande, Arizona an area notoriously for its Blood Gang affiliation. This is where Blakk survived through some of the worst conditions imaginable to be able to bring his stories of survival to the masses. When asked if he glorifies street life Brotha Blakk states “Life is a struggle, so I rap about that struggle. A lot of people may not like or agree with what I have to say, but you need to remember I am a product of my environment. When I write you can feel the pain through the bleeding of my pen. I give the listener pure unadulterated reality and most of you can relate to that reality.”

Brotha Blakk now makes his home in Mesa, Arizona. His music is unlike anything or anyone that you have heard to date. Backed by a full roster of talented artists like Tipsy Loc and Sir L-Mac aka J-Leno of The Royal Family, Trouble Mr. Bizness Man, S.I.C. and Mac Jr. the sky is the limit. After a nine years later Hiatus he’s back with his smooth playaristic flow that has captivated Arizona heads for years. Bringing a style that is unique, but true to the West coast choppers of the last decade and a half. With hard hitting lyrics that free your mind but also touch your soul. He is one of the most innovative artists to hit the valley in years. So don’t sleep, because the Signature movement has begun and now it’s time to write the next chapter in the book of game. SIGNATURE RECORDS presents “STREET CERTIFIED” the much anticipated debut solo album, Brotha Blakk will definitely change the way you view West Coast music. In 2013 – 2014 expect big things from Brotha Blakk, Trouble Mr. Bizness Man, The Royal Family and the rest of the SIGNATURE Records Family! Cause it aint official, unless the SIGNATURE is on it…..

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